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Board of directors

Kayla arrived in Fort McMurray in 2005, after studying anthropology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. she also has a Certificate in Childbirth Education from Douglas College and is a Certified birth doula with DONA International. Kayla’s great-grandmother was a midwife who would support women in Outport, Newfoundland while they birthed their babies. Kayla feels deeply connected to laboring women and is passionate about advocating for increased options and autonomy for women and families in her community. She has a genuine interest in others, in their backgrounds, and their well-being and truly appreciates cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. Kayla believes in thorough prenatal education for women and their families. With education, people realize they have options.

Jennifer Stephenson


Jennifer moved to Fort McMurray in 2005 from Newfoundland and quickly fell in love with the region. She is very passionate about supporting women during and after pregnancy, especially when so many of them are far away from their families. Jennifer volunteers with a few organizations, including the Baby Friendly Initiative and Wood Buffalo Women & Baby Care Association, both of which are focused on supporting women and their families. Her interest in pregnancy and birth goes back to her childhood when she badgered a neighbour for the last 6 months of her pregnancy! Jennifer has been a doula since 2011 and is always reading new studies so she is up to date on the latest research based recommendations. She believes that mothers, along with their support person, need to be educated on what is available to them during pregnancy and labour, so they can make informed decisions and have their best birth. Jennifer is the mother of two children, who sometimes get bored when she is telling them about the latest research!

Aldora Harrison


Aldora Harrison has been a resident of Fort McMurray since 2011. She moved here with her family from Toronto, ON.  Her very first birth experience was a midwife assisted birth, and it brought to light how well received midwifery care is in most cases of low risk, and no complication pregnancies.  

Since her first birth experience, Aldora has also experienced an OB assisted birth here in Fort McMurray.  She feels very strongly about ensuring that the women in our community have access to the birth of their choice, and specifically about setting up a midwifery practice in Wood Buffalo.  

By training, Aldora is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), and is eager to use her skills and experience with the WBWBCA. 


In her spare time, Aldora enjoys her growing family, dabbling in all sorts of creative interests, the outdoors, and is a aficionado of historical dramas

Toni Anderson


Toni Anderson is a long time Fort McMurray resident with a passion for supporting women and families. Toni trained as an Electrician after graduating from Westwood Community High School. Heavily influenced by her time volunteering with the Fort McMurray Breastfeeding Support Group and with two children of her own, Toni wants to help provide women in Wood Buffalo with a full spectrum of health, birth, and pre/post natal support and options. Toni currently serves as the Secretary on the board of the Wood Buffalo Women and Baby Care Association and works as a Birth Doula. 

Michelle Chellew

Director at large

Michelle is a born and raised Fort McMurrayite. She has a Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of Alberta and has been in the teaching community since 2006. Michelle and her husband have two boys who are 9 and 11 years old who were both born at the Northern Lights Regional Health Center. In 2013 Michelle entered the work of birth when she became a birth doula and has been a practicing childbirth educator since 2014. She is very passionate about educating women about evidence based birth options and making sure the family knows how to advocate for their choices in birth so everyone on their birth team understands what they want. It is Michelle's hope that we will be able to open a birth center that includes services for pregnancy, birth and postpartum care for all the woman in our region.

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